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"What to do when a friend is unkind to you!"

Rexy the Dinosaur loves his friends and loves to play.  Most of the time, Rexy is a lot of fun to have around!  But, sometimes, he has a tough time with his friendships!  Join Rexy on one such day in his book, "Rexy and the Four Steps to Friendship!"

What are the Four Steps to Friendship?


     Rexy and The Four Steps to Friendship is a new children's book about a social and emotional tool for children.  The Four Steps promotes problem solving, independence, and an understanding about social and emotional muscles. It's great for parents, teachers, and caregivers of young children.  Our book was written for ages three to seven, but the concepts can be applied to any age!

Rexy's Four Steps to Friendship!


1.  Use your words.  Ask your friend to stop doing whatever it is that is bothering you.  Ask why he or she is saying or doing things to bother you.


...If that doesn't work...

2.  Repeat what you said the first time, in a calm and friendly manner.


...If that doesn't work...

3.  Move your body away from the situation.  Take a break and come back to play with your pal when things have calmed down.


...If that STILL doesn't work...

4.  Ask for help from a teacher, parent, or a trusted adult.

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